Tracee Gentry-Matthews Biography



For Tracee Gentry Matthews painting has always been a way of life. 
She has been creating art since childhood.   After the birth of her daughter in the year 2000 and a Bachelor of Science degree, she became a full time artist.  Tracee is very passionate about her work. 
Tracee’s paintings are energized-even pulsating. Her paintings of city scares have rapidly captured the favor of discriminating collectors skylines and
still lifes across the United States.
Whether it be a small painting, a large canvas or mural, you will find Tracee’s work perfectly complimenting the homes, offices and commercial buildings they are increasingly found in, whatever the setting , style or period.
Tracee is able to capture the beauty of life in all of her works.  Her style is unique and  seems to captivate the viewer with all of the senses. 
“Heavily textured canvas’ with rich, vibrant colors, and so much passion that one can feel the Painting move their soul only says”
Tracee Gentry Matthews

Artist Statement

Painting to me is a passion for life.  It is deep rooted within my soul and it has been there since childhood.  I love bringing a painting to life with a world full of touch, taste, smell, sight, sound and emotion by simply applying the brush to the canvas.   A city skyline to me is full of all of these things. When I paint one I listen for its heartbeat and with that rhythm begin to create something magical.  I love to paint outside of the lines. This freedom of expression has allowed me to paint full time for the past 15 years. I feel very blessed and fortunate and hope to continue on this journey for the rest of my life.  With that being said, I hope the viewer of my works can step inside the paintings and see the sights, feel the changing of the sky, hear the sounds, taste the tastes, and simply smile with happiness.   
Tracee Gentry Matthews

Gallery Representation:

Waxlander Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Matthews Fine Art Gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas

Gallery Central in Hot Springs, Arkansas