Michelle Renee


 Michelle Renee is a self-taught, abstract artist located in Little Rock, Arkansas. When Michelle was in 8th grade, she entered a statewide contest for drawing, she was confronted by her teacher and was told "there is no way you drew this on your own, it is too good" She was disqualified and never drew again.
In 1991, Michelle had a life-altering event that changed the course of her life and as a result, picked up a paintbrush and started painting. Her works are in several States, homes, and offices.
Because Michelle Renee is a self-taught artist, she has had the opportunity to experiment in various mediums and her work today is full of color, texture, and life. She is ever evolving.
In her spare time, Michelle paints with children to overcome their adversities and has even had their work published into cards where the proceeds went to a non-profit organization for abused children.
In spring of 2018 Michelle became a full-time artist! She has paid her dues as a struggling artist and is grateful for every piece of art sold.